Thursday, March 01, 2007


i'm writing this knowing that my mom will never see this. she refuses to invade my privacy. i wouldn't allow it, she wouldn't think of it.

but my mom's an integral part of my life more than she can ever imagine, more than i'll ever admit in front of her.

you know she's a part of ur life, when the sound of her rubber chappals of her constant walking around from here to there (mostly its cleaning up my clutter) feels re assuring.

you know you miss her when you can identify the sound of her vehicle from a few metres away and feel elated for those 30 seconds when you know she'll be home any time now.

you know you need her, when you really badly want her to hug you, and badly want to hug her, but don't, coz well... conservatively brought up indian girl n all. but there are times when those barriers must be broken and you simply have to go and get a bear hug.

you know what unconditional love is when she walks around, and the only way you can reciprocate that is by so badly wanting to be a mom yourself.

mom... i love her :)

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