Monday, March 19, 2007


how full of oneself does one have to be to come and write something about oneself each day. very.
nvm... i ain't gonna pretend to be ashamed by it.


i don't like too many fruits. ( and the phrase "too many" is subject to a very stringent interpretation by me and me alone )

so ever since i've had the power to decide what i will and will not eat ( mom says that's since the age of 4 thereabouts), i've always refused to eat fruits.

i wonder why my mom never forced me. but well, its all that new age parenting i think- let children decide for themselves and what not. but mostly, its just coz she wanted home to be peaceful. apparently i could throw one hell of a tantrum. ( i personally believe i'm as demure as a mouse, but then, no one really listens to me )

now i'm almost 22 and i still refuse to eat 'em.

but i'm grown up and educated and knowledgeable and more in control of destiny (or so we educated, knowledgeable ppl would like to believe. the learned and the wise will of course tell you that we never are in control of our destiny. but hey... you pay about 50 dollars for a book written by the learned and the wise. therefore, the only information that is available to you freely is the one dispensed by us folks- the educated and knowledgable i mean - and we tell you, that when you're grown up, you are much more in control of your destiny than before.)

back to fruits.

so i thought maybe i should start eating more fruits. it has vitamins you see... and it's important.
trust me- it is. i am about to graduate with a degree in biotechnology, and i've studied, over and over and over again that vitamins are very very important. they are vital amines- you see ? but then somebody discovered that while all these vitamins are vital, they aren't all amines. but who cares- let's just continue to call them vitamins. good decision i think. you've no idea how much these scientists like to classify and de classify and re classify and have whole unions about naming and nomenclature. IUB, IUPAC. and though they'll go on record saying its very good for planet earth and as of yet undiscovered planets sustaining life and such, off the record they're still sticking to the old "no order to it" names. its very hypocritical. it's very cute.

so i'm trying to eat fruits you see. to get an idea of why this is very unusual for me, here's a list of fruits i've tasted so far.

1) mangos - (maybe a few every season)

2) grapes - (the green ones - i had 'em for a whole month in 1998 - yes exactly one month)

3) apples - ( rarely. if someone cuts 'em up for me, then a coupla pieces. and that's generally because i have to be polite to the hosts in whose house i am eating these apples - and that happens so very rarely)

4) papayas - never never never. they stink. mom loves them. she'll cut em up and keep em in the fridge. the fridge also starts stinking. blech.

5) pomeogranate ( they add them to curd rice sometimes. and sometimes i don't manage to spot it despite my best efforts. so that's what- 10 beads maybe ? )

6) strawberries ( yes. these i've tasted. i've liked. but it's seasonal and too costly)

7) oranges (yes... i've been liking these for a while now. yay!!!)

8) watermelon ( like it. dad says it's not really really a fruit. its more like water. but my biotechnologist, vitamin sensibility says otherwise. watermelon is a fruit. enough said.)

9) sapota/chickoo ( like 'em. but mom never buys em. its too fattening apparently :(. and she's into weight watching. gah!!! )

10) banana ( they're ok. still, won't eat em if i can help it)

11) musk melon ( whatever is that. they make this juice out of it. and they keep it in the fridge. and it's all cold. and the entire family relishes it. i drink it quickly. love that its cold- another advantage is you can't taste it)

12) guava ( with salt and red chilli powder- slightly more than acceptable)

13) pineapple ( my tongue itches- anyone else have this problem ? but its nice with salt and red chilli powder)

14) jackfruit ( not bad at all. not bad. but mom makes this sambhar out the seeds- like that better)

hey... that's a lotta fruits i can remember the taste of.
not bad.
wonder why i fussed.


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