Wednesday, February 28, 2007

on fairness

for the first time, i entered a heading before i started writing. generally, i don't think of a heading till the very end, and most of the time i wanna title it with words like "just" or even "...", or "chumma" or "simply".. well, you get the drift.

okay, now that i've gotten that icky technical issue out of the way... fairness. its this highly over-rated, superbly magnified, confoundingly disillusioning trashy concept. there is no such thing called fairness. no such thing. its a concept invented by the selfish and greedy to get what they want, and believed by the helpless and the needy so that they can live yet another unfair day in the hope of yet another fair day. fairness is highly over rated.

and i'm not talking abt big intellectual sober things like the budget or SEZ's or VAT or MAT ( i have no idea what they mean, they were flashing all that stuff on NDTV today)- i am just making sure you get the right context (this is not abt the budget).

this is about everyday lives and everyday things. things just happen, and u'd like to believe in such things like as you sow, so you reap, and retribution and revenge, and work hard and you'll get the fruits. trust me, you don't. in the end it's the battle of selfish people trying to get very selfish things, and if its in one person's selfish interest to give, and the other's selfish interest to take- things become very fair. if it's in one's selfish interest to give, and the other's selfish interest to give too- things get strange- they aren't fair- but no one's really complaining- so this scenario is generally discounted. and finally, if it's one's selfish interest to only take, and in the other's selfish interest not to give - AH- here's where things become totally unfair.
point is... fairness is a concept. its not real. its not a constant. not everything is fair. almost nothing is. you'll find urself twisting and turning things so that they seem fair. but they aren't- you know it intuitively.

my point is, without further ado, fairness doesn't exist. whoever said the world's fair lied blatantly. and whoever believed it, believed it foolishly.

c'mon... there's no life without unachievable dreams.

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