Monday, February 26, 2007

cul de sac

saying something in french (not that i know a lotta it, in fact i know precious little), makes a lotta things seem grander, bigger, maybe duly staler, maybe farther away so we can distance ourselves from it.
what's the french word for "denial"- i'd like to use that a lot.

but cul de sac (or more mundanely- dead end- trust the rotten english to come up with dead end)
is this dead end place.

and if u look straight, as though like a horse with blinkers, u'll just stand there.

some ppl do smart things, they see that there's a right or a left and take the appropriate path.

i stay put, wondering if i can just break that wall and keep walking doggone ahead.
i stay put, wondering if i can just stay here, coz this cul de sac is something i'm getting comfortable with.
i stay put, wondering if i can walk right back and somehow never have come to this place.

ya... well, generally, i just stay put, imagining this gorgeous hunk in white stallion, who'll just sweep me up and jump right over the wall with me.

sheesh... i never ever miss a chance to talk abt damsels and knights in shining armour do i ?
its called the selfish gene theory ppl... procreation and so on and so forth.

but ya... cul de sac. nice lil french phrase.
(came across the word, in one of those english lessons, abt this cellist who's on his way to a performance he has to give one night, gets on a wrong bus, gets off, realizes that the address isn't on him but on the mantlepiece in his apartment, by which time its raining, and his black card board tie is leaching pink colour onto his only white *borrowed* shirt, and then tries walking to this place, but reaches a CUL DE SAC, and eventually realizes the concert is actually the next day. summat like that.... its very funny for a sixth std student i assure u. i cracked up the whole time we did this lesson in class)

but ya... cul de sac. nice lil french phrase.
french phrase i hate- au revoir. not nice.

know what's a really nice french word- randezvous. it means meeting. n that's what i'm waiting for.

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