Sunday, September 07, 2008

world news

ya apparently all these things are happening in the world and i am very oblivious to it.
its one thing to be aware and not be affected.
which breeds too much tolerance, in turn giving all the "bad ppl" permission to do anything, coz ur going to get used to everything.
i suppose death is something we still arent used to even though its been happening for as long as anything's been alive.
i've always found that bit very strange.
we were never asked if we wanted to be born, kinda had no choice there. and somehow we're all ok with it.
yet we want to know how to prevent death and would actually very much liked to be asked (by chance and fate and acts of god as well) if we wanted to die. somehow we just dont think abt the singularity at the other end. or do we ?
i never have.
back to the point;
so its one thing to be aware but not affected.
its another thing to be unaware.

that's where i am.
i am clueless.
i dunno what's happening to the world around me.
that knowledge is a click away.
websites are waiting to tell me.
but i've been unaware for so long that i dunno where to start.
i must make reading the news a habit.
its a very sad thing to not know stuff (regardless of whether it'll affect u or not).

when i finish studying stuff abt helicases and primases
(apparently i don't need to learn nucleotide structures for the exam. all thru undergrad i complained that there was no point learning them; but i'd learn them anyway, and now i'm being asked not to learn them for the exam and i don;t know how to prepare for an exam without learning these structures)
its a funny turn of events.

anyway... when i am done with all this (in the next hour or so i believe), i'm gonna do some newsreading.
along with my evening cup of masala chai


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Gaurav said...

Oh, *every* thing affects you :-). "No man is an island ...", if I can do something as insipid as reply to a post with a quote.

I'm a huge fan of the BBC news website, particularly since I can access it on my phone when I'm bored. is .. interesting, but I never really got into it properly. MOST of my news comes from The News Quiz and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me:
Both podcasts are excellent, but you can listen to atleast one of them live in your time zone :-)