Saturday, November 10, 2007


Before I say anything, I must mention that I have this new fancy for the phrase "baap re baap"
I think it's an equivalent to the "!" ? Anyway, so i've started going about just trying to use that word. Now I can't create a post specially for it, so I'm putting it here. Have you every been to the cinema and come out thinking that the trailers were the best part ? Get ready for deja vu. Oh and this is definitely one of those moments where I purposely get self effacing so that someone will drop me a compliment or two. Hey, at least I'm honest about it. It's one of my greatest virtues.


Bistability is this condition where an unstable equilibrium point is flanked by stable equlibrium points on either side.
*Somehow* and I've never understood this part properly (alternatively, I think of it as no one has ever been able to explain it properly) let's assume a body reaches unstable equilibrium. I dunno how that happens, but trust me, it happens. And if you shake it just a wee lil bit from the point of unstable equlibrium, it'll quickly go to one of the more stable points. However, if a body is shaken from the point of stable equilibrium, it'll manage to come back to that same equilibrium point every time you disturb it even a lil bit. That's the difference b/w stable and unstable equilibrium. And generally, if you give it enough energy, it can somehow manage to jump from the stable equilibrium and go into unstable equilibrium

I believe that laziness and productivity are two stable points. Have you seen lazy ppl ? They'll go on and on and on doing nothing and just that. And have you seen these ppl who are irritatingly productive ? They'll manage to do so many things in one day and still keep track of SRK's six pack and that ranbir kapur's free butt show. And you simple cannot stop them. These are lucky people. They've found their niche I think. And there's the majority of us who simply cannot make up our minds about which we like better. We get bored when we're lazy. And we get tired when we're busy. So we dont like either place and we want to strike a balance, and we think we're doing a super job by being in this unstable equilibrium point, except, excuse me, you cannot stay there for too long. I mean, smart guys don't just draw pretty curves and bored guys don't just upload them on the net. These curves are drawn based on actual data ( not cooked up- I know a coupla ppl who do that too) and they say that honey, you can't strike a balance, pick a side.

Right now, its so important that I am productive. I get up in the morning and tell myself, I'll do this and this and this and this, and by the time I come down the stairs, I;ve sorta given up. If I can just manage to give myself this nice really good shove, I'll reach the point of stability on the productive side and that'll be just fine for me you see. Right now though at least. Except, you know, sometimes even when there are these two stable points, the curve isn't exactly symmetric. One point is ever so slightly more stable than the other. And it simply doesn't bode well for me that its the lazy side.
Baap re Baap.
oh mission accomplished.

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