Thursday, April 19, 2007


1) a colouring book and a brand new set of crayons.
2) apple pie and vanilla ice-cream.
3) walk through a rainforest where the rain has just stopped.
4) walk through a forest full of icicles.
5) skate
6) ice skate
7) ice skate gracefully
8) swim in a cove- a la enid blyton bookish
9) start each day with "did you know that.... "
10) start each day with someone else telling you "did you know that.... " and you didn't know it.
11) paint something pretty (at least once)
12) sing more.
13) dance every night (dark room or otherwise)
14) cook
15) love
16) be loved
17) learn to sail
18) ride a motorbike
19) drive a car
20) rock climb
21) get drenched in a downpour in the middle of an empty road
22) spend a night alone on an island
23) walk on a beach till kingdom come
24) get married
25) have kids
26) raise 'em well
27) learn braille
28) learn a coupla more languages
29) actually, stay in a town for a while where you don't know the language at all.
30) stay alone for a while
31) then get bugged and get a family
32) but never fear staying alone again
33) cry
34) laugh
35) stop talking like a self-help book :D :D (cry/laugh it seems)
36) learn to train a seal/ dolphin/ chimpanzee
37) learn to whistle
38) whistle a tune
39) bird watch
40) bungee jumping
41) persistence
42) let go

more to come

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