Friday, April 06, 2007

simple question

location : bangalore
illusion : paradise
confusion: where is the rain
frustration frustration frustration.

it's a simple question. where the hell is the rain. i mean, its not too much to ask.
the roads are waiting for their annual supply of potholes for crying out loud.
i am waiting simply to smell the air before it rains, and then, sneakily try and get wet, and then look at how green bangalore really is.
houses are so dirty with all the filth- they need to be cleaned. and we don't want to spend precious water from the ground cleaning 'em.
the rain ougghtta do it.
where is the rain.
i know my asking in some invisible corner of virtual space will not help.
but i've stood in the middle of the road and looked at the sky daringly and raised my eyebrows and wondered where the rain is. no answer.
it would've been picture perfect if exactly then a solitary raindrop had fallen on my face.
god! talk about useless fantasies.
where is the rain i ask again in pain.
useless the sky is.
chumma it's blue all the time.

1 comment:

cheti said...

Please take it from here ! From Dallas - well not all of them ! Atleast some of them ! its so rainy and cold here !

Illusion : Paradise !!! lol !