Tuesday, January 02, 2007

yep- no changing reality

something's gonna happen in a coupla hours.
its inevitable.
i don't want it to happen though.
in real time, it's only gonna happen once.
in my head, its already happening- so many variations of it.
and then i'll go, and it'll almost not happen, but it will.
and i'll have to see thru it, survive thru it, bloody well live thru it, and smile thru it.

well- maybe it wont be so bad.
maybe its just too many bollywood movies (too, too many of them)
but the best thing would be to smile thru it.
oh- and not talk abt it later on.
i've realised that talking about it, only makes it much worse. it empties all the frustration within in and then makes place for some more.
no- one glass of it will do.
its like drinking- self pity.
do it- but do it in moderation.

so here's a

good morning.
no of glasses of water so far : 2

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Oooh! What?