Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Pardon the cliched title and the even more cliched content of this entry.
Its about new year resolutions.
I've never made new year resolutions (yep, I labour under the illusion that I'm almost perfect, coz if you're absolutely perfect you can't really pass as a human being, so within that limititation, I'm as perfect as it gets.)
And then I got older (which is very different from saying I grew up).
And then I got disillusioned (which is very different from saying I matured).
And then I saw imperfections which I first remained oblivious to and now they've become a plague upon my very existence.
Which is why, this year, at the ripe age of 21 and a half, I am going to make a new year resolution.

Resolutions number 1-
Drink water.

I don't drink water. I must start. It did oodles for oprah's name, fame, and her ability to pass off as a dame.
I want to be healthy.

Resolution number 2 -
Stop biting finger nails.

Yeah. Just healthy clean nails. I hate nail polish, so that's not why I wanna grow them. But I'd sure like to remove knots, and open lunch boxes. Its embarrassing when you have a metal lunch box, and you know there's something really interesting inside, and you have to ask someone to open it for you. And then they assume you're a girl, and they ask you to use your nails, only to be told that I have no nails. (Not to be conversely concluded that I ain't a girl)

Well, there's a whole list of small resolutions. They seem dumb and silly. But its not easy to drink water if you never have. Its not easy to even start thinking about drinking the water, let alone going and drinking it. It takes conscious effort- being aware of what thirst feels like. Ditto with biting finger nails.

Heck. Its only Jan 2nd, and i'm already on a high, because so far I've drank 5 glasses of water and the day isn't even over yet.
There are some things that just simply makes you feel better, even if its not exactly as fancy as climbing Mount Everest or as romantic as a long walk on the beach. There are some things that just make you feel better, because you pro-actively did something and achieved something out of it.

I could make bigger resolutions, but lately I've just been feeling indifferent and apathetic to everything. Maybe if i could start drinking water with passion, I could start doing other stuff with passion ?
There's still time to find out.

In the end it comes down to just feeling good about yourself (like long, hot baths- which I'm going to take in 10 min, despite having loads to study for an exam I have tomorrow. The exam is not really going to matter. But my long bath will.) It comes down to knowing what's important to you and what's not - contrary to popular opinion.

Drinking water is important.
Clean, healthy, nails is important.
Feeling good's important.
Long hot baths are important.
Exams will come and go.
Life's important.

Here's to a wonderful 2007 (oh! and clean water supply)

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bilbo said...

as a fellow non drinker , had to say this- good resolution to make.
And now for the wet blanket part, to keep the resolution of drinking more water, apart from a clean water supply, u also need clean restrooms ourside of your home.
I've realised , more water does equate to more restroom trips and it can be quiet annoying.
Also, I can't drink plain water anymore. Blame that on all the different kinds of water commercially available. You can always add some lemon /lime juice to it though. adds flavor and keeps it safe .
Good luck and happy new year