Monday, August 16, 2010


Don't go away.
I'm still writing the same ol stuff.

Am trying to give my blog a makeover it truly needs.
I have great dreams for my new template ( a whole day of surfing the net didn't really get me anywhere I might add).

So... my dream has now changed.

I do not promise astonishing results or better user friendliness or anything like that. Think of it as one of those haircuts you simply must get, because its been long, way too long since you had your last one.

Which reminds me, I also need a haircut. But fear not, I shall not blog about it.


VIDYA said...

I like it!
Add some music and you're good to go :)
Oh and speaking of haircuts-remember that song you were crazy about ?
My new haircut..Freak Kitchen? :)

sidmo said...

janax! you're a freak kitchen fan!! Good to know!!
"i am so proud of my haircuuut!" < in three part harmony! :D

Janani said...

@ sidmo

sorry to break ur bubble.

be assured that that's the only song of freak kitchen i've heard.

its also very likely that ur the one who told me about it :)