Monday, June 15, 2009


One midnight, I asked the starry sea
If once, she can make it be,
That time rolls back his tapestry
So I might change a memory.

I couldn’t tell then, what I can tell now with age
My tears had barely smudged the page,
My words were so red, so full of rage.
If not a rainbow, could I colour life beige ?

And so, I waited for the sun to saunter in the west,
For fish to enjoy land and rest,
But time went about his cunning jest ,
Since then, I began making each tomorrow my best.


VIDYA said...

Hey! :)
It's been ages since i visited the unpolished mirror!
Glad to see you update regularly!
Nice one :) i like how it ends on a hopeful note...I would have chosen to lament.
Ok,i'm blogrolling ya! k?

Mr.ClAiRvOyAnT said...

Why isn't there a 'Like' button on Blogger like the one in Facebook?