Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm famous!!!

Every year since I was 4, we've celebrated the 10 day dusshera / the 9 day navratri very traditionally. It's one of my favourite festivals (also Diwali, but not so much since the advent of cable TV when the whole family from 4 corners of the world gather and watch some buckwaas programme together). Anyway, we celebrate navratri by making/doing the golu.

See wikipedia's entry on golu

Anyway, I've always loved doing it. For 9 days every year I get to be queen to my own little liliput. My mom complains that I never take pains to invite people to visit or to pack gifts or to make the sundal, but I'm kinda more interested in the decoration. This time though, a guest of ours ( a very dear friend too), took pics and posted it along with a detailed explanation on the net.

Ergo, I am famous.

See pics of my golu


Bi-the-bi ( been so long since I heard someone saying that)
The post doesn't make any reference to me, but apparently given my laziness it's easy to assume that I had nothing to do with the golu. I swear on every single one of my deepest desires that I did all the arranging. It may not be the prettiest golu (I've seen several better one), but it certainly is fun for me every year. And it is certainly one of the traditions that I hope my daughters and grand-daughters will carry on.

Shamelessly canvassing,

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