Sunday, June 10, 2007

unfinished business

i like making lists these days. nice long lists. so here's a list of stuff (odds and ends) that need doing. i'd like thing that i'll actually do these things (they absolutely have to be done) but no- i'll prolly look at this list and feel something in the zipcode as "ah! how pretty" and go right back to not having done 'em.

1) fix camera. its ***** broken.

2) get camera batteries and charger from the person who has it *name undisclosed for privacy purposes*

3) get all my horcruxes *stuff of mine, that other ppl have, that have actually come to define me*

4) drink water *i have an obsession with wanting to drink water, but never actually doing it*

5) return horcruxes that other ppl have *stuff I have of other ppl*

6) find out if horcruxes is a word in the oxford english dictionary. its about time they added it.
the world can be defined as before christ and after death (yes yes i know its anno domini and not after death) or more appropriately (before harry potter and after harry potter)

7) book the seventh book

8) consider allowing mom to read seventh book before i do. it seems like a nice touching thing to do.

9) actually do it ? naaaaaaaaa

10) actually no. maybe. depends. dunno/ can't say.

11) get new comp/fix old comp/throw old comp

12) find out if the US universities let students bring along their dogs. i umm... dunno who to ask.

13) if yes - get a dog. if no- wait till mom retires. that ain't ever happening from the looks of it.

14) one of those huge dogs. like a collie

15) buy sari. only bottle green sari. do not succumb to anything else - like bad customer service and aching heels and sweating, or the smell of the sweat of the huge guy standing next to you soaking in this super "non absorbent" cotton shirt, waiting for his wife to select a sari, who of course is oblivious to her husband's sweat (either that woman likes shopping too much or her husband too much). yuck. it's madras. the huge sweating guy is only to be expected. these madrasis are jatravartids

"Jatravartids, who live in perpetual fear of what they refer to as "The Coming of the Great White Handkerchief." This is their cosmology's version of the end of the Universe, and can be explained by the fact that they believe that the Universe was sneezed out by a being called the Great Green Arkleseizure.

The Jatravartids are also unique because they were the first people in Universe who invented the spray deodorant before the wheel"

16) catch up on movies like h2g2. haven't seen it yet. (shit... loads more to watch actually)

yep... and ravens have intelligence apparently. ya- i haven't read abt it yet, but i'm gonna. i'm convinced that the only non intelligent race is us human beans. very convinced.

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