Thursday, January 26, 2006

How could you ?

How could you be so forgetful, so forgetful my love ?
I remember your smile,
For many a mile, for all the while.
Why would you forget, forget all the love.

How could you be so playful, so playful my love ?
Those words, they sting.
You must see, I am more than just a thing.
Why would you play, play with my love.

Why are you so careful, so careful my love ?
You can get up when you fall.
Come closer, break the wall.
You needn’t be careful, careful with our love.

Why am I so hopeful, so hopeful my love ?
That you’ll come some day.
That you’ll see the way.
Can’t I be less hopeful, less hopeful my love ?

Tell me the truth, the truth my love.
With my tears, the rains can still pour.
And I’ll close the windows. Close every door.
Isn’t this the truth? There was no love ?

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