Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Portrait of a Girl

Yesterday, I was sitting in a rather boring lecture. I figured I'd write some verse. Its not something I do very often, but I finished about three stanzas.

My heart a flimsy gossamer,
As dew weighs me down,
A ray of sunshine lifts me up.
Somewhere I float,
Until I drown.
Somewhere I float,
Waiting to fly.

My eyes but a mirror,
While ash and tarnish cloud,
Rainbows glint from behind.
Immediately I shun,
Instantly I brighten.
In darkness I linger,
Until I twinkle again.

My skin a tender mimosa,
I curl when grazed,
And blush when stroked.
Again I shrink,
Shying away from pain.
Naively I spread,
Yearning for touch.

I couldn't think of any more romantic organs. There's plenty of them, I'm told. And there'll be plenty more boring classes too. Which means, by the time I'm done with this I'll have finished the portrait, and be fairly conversant with human anatomy.

PS: The portrait isn't necessarily a self-portrait. Although, i will not deny that its roughly based on me. At least the part about the person in the portrait being a girl and me being one :)

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